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      เล่น หน้า เว็บ slotxo

      All images are copyright of the artist and can only be used with permission.

      Please get in touch from the contact page if you wish to use any of the images.

      Welcome to my website. These paintings are a selection of my work. If you would like to see more please contact me via the contact page.









      I usually paint in oil on canvas, occasionally combining other media. Technique interests me as much as subject matter. In earlier work I have applied paint in thin glazes, blending the colours.  This creates a transparency, with underlayers showing through, and soft, shadowy edges.


      I have also experimented by first doing a relatively opaque underpainting, in the same or contrasting colours to the top painting.  The top painting is then executed with thicker layers of paint applied with palette knife as well as brushes, with the underpainting still showing through in places.


      Paintings have been inspired by the places I have visited in Italy, Greece, France and various parts of the British Isles. In particular the hills of South Shropshire have played a significant part in my life and many memories are contained within these paintings. I am more interested in conveying atmosphere than recording with photographic accuracy.  


      The semi-abstract paintings are often intended to suggest a time of day or the weather as part of the impression of a place. Very rarely are any of my paintings 'purely' abstract as the starting point invariably is something visual taken from my surroundings and put into a wider context of colour, texture, mood and expression.










      B.A. Hons Art History & Theory, University of Essex

      B.A. Hons Fine Art, U.C.E. (Birmingham)






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